These oranges were a treat for the whole family.
A much healthier solution than candy bars.

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Farm Fresh Oranges

Oranges are not only a great source of vitamin C but also a great source for raising a lot of funds! In select locations our oranges are even delivered by the farmer himself! All our oranges are picked and packaged with your group in mind!

Why Choose Produce for Your Fundraiser?

Are you tired of selling fundraising products that your customers purchase out of obligation to support your cause? What if your customers were excited to hear from your group season after season? That is what has happened with many of our groups, their customers not only plan to purchase every year but also look forward to it! Many of our groups also rerun their fundraiser in just a few months because their customers are out of produce and are asking for more!

Why Choose Farm Fresh Funds?

At Farm Fresh Fundraisers we have helped hundreds of youth raise thousands of dollars for their budgeting needs. Our groups have great success selling a USABLE product...FOOD! We find that more fundraising dollars are made by selling produce than other products....this is because food is something families are already buying. By supporting the local fundraiser the dollars are going to the youth, instead of the big box stores.


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